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    This movie mostly tells about this boy who was homeshooled, and he gets sent to school and everyone makes fun of him. Eventually, he makes a "friend" that made fun of him too. And later on, when Augiee was playing minecraft, Jack asked if he forgave him and he did. They were friends again. And the next day the bully, Julian told Jack that Augiee was a freak. Then he punched Julian in the face. He got sent to the Mr. Tushie's office and he got suspended for 2 days and miss out on the nature preserve, But instead, his parents told him that he wasn't coming back to the school ever. My thoughts about the movie are 1. why the picture inside the science fair box was upside-down and 2. Why and how those other kids came and fought for Augiee and Jack when those 7th graders came.
    Almost 4 years ago
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