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Extended Space Missions Could Permanently Change The Brain Structure

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Before astronauts embark on a mission to Mars, it is imperative for scientists to know everything they can about the impact of long-term space travel on the human body. Previous studies have shown that extended exposure to microgravity causes muscles and bones to weaken, deteriorates vision, and, in some cases, even alters the astronaut’s DNA. Now, there is evidence that spending a long time in space could also permanently change the brain’s structure.

Why Measuring The Size Of Raindrops From Space May Help Improve Weather Predictions

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While weather predictions are getting increasingly accurate, meteorologists are often still unable to gauge the severity of storms. That's because forecasting what the elements have in store for us is a complicated task that is dependent on numerous variables including temperature, humidity, jet streams, and even the size of raindrops!

Scientists Ponder Over Mystery Of Early Blossoming 'Space Cherry Tree'

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In November 2008, 265 pits collected from various cherry trees from 14 locations across Japan, were sent to the International Space Station. The endeavor was part of an educational and cultural project to demonstrate to kids, how seeds can continue to live and grow, even after a jaunt to space. The seeds that circled the globe 4,100 times during their four-month mission, were brought back to earth in March 2009. While some were kept for lab tests most, were returned to their original locations.

A Vegetable Garden On The Moon? NASA Certainly Hopes So

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If astronauts have any plans of staying on the moon for extended periods of time, they will have to be self-sustaining. One of the most important steps toward achieving that will be growing their own food. That is the reason NASA scientists recently announced plans to test, growing a vegetable garden on the lunar surface.

Get Paid To Lounge In Bed? Sweet!

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Imagine a scenario where you get to lounge in bed all day and watch as much television, play as many video games or read as many books as you want. If that is not awesome enough, here is the icing on the cake - You even get paid for doing that and not just a tiny amount amount, but an astounding $18,000 USD, for the duration of the fifteen week study!

Wished You Could Celebrate Your Birthday More Often? You May Want To Consider Exoplanet Kepler 78b

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Imagine living on a planet where you could celebrate almost three birthdays in one day - Think that is just out of this world? Well actually it is - About 700 million light years away in the small constellation of Lyra, where scientists have discovered an exoplanet that zips around its star in a speedy 8.5 hours

Coming To A Sky Near You - The Spectacular Perseid Meteor Showers

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Though there is a slew of meteor showers that are visible from Earth every year, none comes even close to the show put on by the Perseids annually around mid-August. They are so spectacular that the experts at NASA call them the 'fireball' champion of all annual meteor showers! The best part is that this year's event is coming up soon.

NASA's 20th Annual Great Moonbuggy Race Is A Roaring Success

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On April 26th, 2013, 89 school and colleges teams from 23 US States, Puerto Rico, Canada, India, Germany, Russia and Mexico, gathered at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama to participate in NASA's Great Moonbuggy Race.

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