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Air-Powered Lego Car Cruises Down The Streets Of Melbourne

On December 23rd, Melbourne residents witnessed an unusual sight - A roadster made almost entirely from Lego bricks cruising down the streets. Assembled from 500,000 of the versatile bricks, the stunning black and yellow vehicle that is being hailed as a technical marvel, is the brainchild of 20-year-old Romanian student, Raul Oida.

Video Of The Week - It's A Plane, It's A Car . . . . It's Both?

If you happen to be driving on the streets of Maryland, you may encounter a strange sight - A Cessna aircraft riding along the road right beside you. However, this is not an airplane having engine trouble, but a cool road-legal hybrid car put together by Jeff Bloch AKA Speedy Cop!

Now Available - Airbags For Pedestrians And Cyclists!

Cycling or even walking in urban areas can be a little treacherous, thanks to the fact that one is sharing the road with vehicles that are Increasingly getting larger and heavier. A 2009 study conducted by the World Health Organization revealed that of the 1.27 million people that perish in road traffic crashes each year, about half, are pedestrians, motorcyclists and cyclists. Now there may be a solution that could provide at least some relief to protect this vulnerable group - An airbag!

Toyota Envisions Smartphone Technology For Cars

One of the hardest decisions when buying a new car, is deciding on the exterior and interior color. Once you own it, there is no changing either, unless you go through an expensive paint job or re-upholstering. However, should Toyota's Fun-Vii (Vehicle Interactive Internet) ever become a reality, things could change dramatically!

OMG! The Original 'Panthermobile' Is Up For Sale

While in the modern day Pink Panther movies, the bumbling Inspector Jacques Clouseau seems to stick to smaller ordinary cars, in the original 1969 cartoon series, he and his animated pink panther partner, always drove a sleek, futuristic-looking vehicle. Turns out, that the Panthermobile not only still exists, but is also, currently up for sale.

BrainDriver - If You Can Think It, You Can Drive It

If you were impressed by Google Inc.'s autonomous computer-controlled cars, you will be stunned by the BrainDriver - A car that can be controlled with your mind!

Car Thief Gives Up After Being 'Scolded' By Kids And Toy Poodle!

Thursday, August 18th, did not start out too well for Sebastian Russo. The Queens resident had just rushed into a pet store to run a quick errand leaving his two boys 7-year old John and 5-year old Robert and toy poodle Colette in the running car, when he was told by a fellow shopper that someone had driven off with it.

Nissan Brings 'LEAF' Power To Homes

When Japanese car manufacturer Nissan introduced the LEAF (Leading Environmentally friendly, Affordable Family car) in December 2010, it impressed even the biggest skeptics - For not only is this all-electric car able to provide the equivalent of 99 miles per gallon, it does it  with zero emission! Now, the manufacturer has added another trick to this already amazing car - One that will save you even more money.