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Hello Kitty Begins Her 40th Birthday Celebrations By Declaring She Is Not A Cat!

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This is a big year for Kitty White or as she is popularly known, Hello Kitty. That's because on November 1st, 2014, the perpetual 3rd grader will celebrate her 40th birthday! And while she is not shy about revealing her age, Ms. White sure has been keeping a big secret from the world - she is NOT a cat!

Is This The World's Grumpiest Cat?

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To say that eight-year old Mr. Pip is not a very happy kitty cat, is an understatement. The Burmese Persian crossbreed constantly has a scowl on his face and it's not just the expression - He acts grumpy too!

Video Of The Week - Maru, The New Internet Sensation

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To say that Maru, a pudgy male Scottish Fold who resides in Japan, is a media sensation, is an understatement - She has been on numerous television shows, published two books, has her own blog and Facebook page and, her videos on YouTube has attracted over 46 million views!

In Case You Are Wondering - I Am A Cat!

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Polly, the kitten never wants to be mistaken for anything else - and unless someone can't read, she won't - For not only does the ten-month tabby look like a cat (a cute one too!), she also has the word spelled out on her left flank!

Just In Time For Halloween - Kitty Wigs!

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Think your cat would look better with some blond tresses, or maybe even something slightly more adventurous like shocking red pigtails or an electric blue bob? Then you need to check out Kitty Wigs, a new company that sells hairdos for your favorite feline in a myriad of colors and styles.

Meowsic To Nora's Ears

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Most musical divas are eccentric. Nora, a pianist, is no exception. She only plays when she feels like it and sometimes even gets inside the piano.

The Cheetah Man

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Olivier Houalet is a 28-year old naturalist, with an amazing talent - He has learnt to communicate with wild cats and teach them how to survive in the wild. It is therefore not surprising that he is being called the modern day Tarzan or Cheetah Man!

Kitty In A Suitcase

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This little kitty decided that she needed an adventure and hid inside the luggage of her owner, Seth Levy.  However, what happened next was more than even she had bargained for.

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