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Video Of the Week - A Dog That Loves . . . . Cabbage?

We know of dogs who will do anything for a juicy piece of steak. Some, with slightly healthier habits will even eat strawberries. But cabbage? That apparently is what this Lemon beagle loves to eat.

Will Tiny Beyoncé Replace Boo As America's Favorite Puppy?

Move over Boo, here comes Beyoncé - the world's cutest and probably tiniest puppy! The last born of five siblings, the female Dachshund mix dog was so small when born, that she weighed just one ounce and could fit on a spoon. Now two week old, the cutie can still comfortably fit atop a credit card or even, an iPhone.

Cable Television Goes To The Dogs - No, Really!

Does your pooch look sad when you leave for school each morning? Does it spend the entire day staring at the walls, bored out of its mind? Then DogTV - A 24-hour television channel dedicated to canines is just what you may be looking for!

4-Year Old Pekingese Retires After Winning America's Most Prestigious Dog Show

He came, he strutted and to everyone's surprise - he conquered! That pretty much sums up the reaction that many people had when 4-year old Pekingese, Malachy was named Top Dog at the 136th Westminster Kennel Dog Show, which took place at New York's Madison Square Garden on February 14th. However, while the audience may have been a little surprised by the stubby hair ball's victory, Malachy was not - After all, this was his 115th 'Best of The Show' title.

Don't Waste My Time With 'Sit' and 'Rollover' - I've Got Math To Do!

Having trouble with simple math problems? Then, you need a dog like Beau, a 12-year old Labrador who is not only a great pet, but apparently also, a math genius, who can add, subtract, multiply, divide and even bark out the square roots, of some numbers.

Yoga Goes To The Dogs

The 5,000-year old spiritual practice of Yoga that originated in Ancient India, has come a long way. Fans can now select from a wide range of exercise choices that range from Power Yoga to Bikram Yoga where participants sweat it out in rooms set to a sweltering 104°C temperature.

Chinese Crested Chihuahua Crowned 'World's Ugliest Dog'

On June 25th, Yoda a Chinese-crested Chihuahua mix, beat out 29 contestants to win the coveted 'World's Ugliest Dog' title. The 14-year old who hails from Hanford,California was voted in by the public who voiced their opinion by texting in - 'American Idol' style!

Trouble - The 12-Million Dollar Dog Is No More!

In 2007, an eight-year old Maltese dog named Trouble made headlines all over the world, after it was revealed that its owner, New York billionaire Leona Helmsley, had bequeathed him a whopping $12mm USD.