The 2008 New York Toy Fair


From February 17- February 20th, New York City was home to the 2008 Toy Fair, the largest international toy trade show in the Western Hemisphere. It is here that the manufactures reveal their latest and hottest products for children.

However, the show is for adults only - The show is described as premier meeting place for manufacturers and retailers. Therefore no kids are allowed!

But fear not, below we bring you the details of some of the hottest toys that will be available soon - so that you can start saving for them or begging for them - whichever works!


The Kid Tough DVD Player - $179.99 (available June 2008)

As the name indicates, this DVD player is built to last through tumbles, falls and tantrums. Featuring a 3.2-inch color screen, it can last for up to two hours on battery, which is re-chargeable.It also has a wall power unit and a jack to plug in your headphone. Pretty cool!

G2: Game Girl Hannah Montana Pop Hero Guitar -$69.99 (available-Fall 2008)

This is one that I am sure all the girls are going to go crazy over. Manufactured by Jakks Inc., this is a plug and play game. You plug it into your television and then go crazy with ten Hannah Montana songs. You get to score points along the way too!

Girl Gourmet - $29.99 (available-Fall 2008)

Impress your friends and family with home-made cupcakes - the kit comes with a microwave container, two recipes, four flavored cupcake mixes, four flavored frosting mixes, a cupcake froster, one tub of sprinkles, one mixing bowl, four cupcake cups, and a measuring spoon.

Eye Clops - $79.99 each (Night Vision - Spring 2008, BioniCarn - Fall 2008)

A great one for all of you spy buffs - there are two versions of this one. The night vision allows visibility up to 20 feet in complete darkness and is powered by real infra-red vision technology. The BioniCarn can be used as magnifier and a camera for taking both photos and videos, which can then be downloaded onto a computer.

Biscuit, My Lovin' Pup -$179.99 (available-Fall 2008)

Can't convince mum & dad to buy a real dog - well how about this pooch. It's real in a lot of ways - it's the same size as a normal golden retriever, moves its head, ears, eyes and tail just like a real dog. It even sniffs his bone and chews his treats. If you rub his fur it will even wag its tail. And the funnest part is it will recognize your voice and obey six different commands like sit, beg, lie down etc.

"Indiana Jones" Temple Escape Scene - $59.00 (available Now)

Made by Lego, this is for fans of the Indiana Jones movie series. The set has 554 pieces, which include collapsing walls, sliding doors, rolling boulders and everything needed to re-create the famous scene from the Indiana Jones movie - "Raiders of the Lost Ark" - The set even includes a real-life figure of Indiana Jones and Dr. Rene Belloq and pilot Joce. Also included are two skeletons and two natives.

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