Kieon Williamson is just a normal six-year old boy, except when it comes to art. While most kids his age are just learning how to draw, this amazingly talented boy just had his work showcased at a local art gallery in Holt, Norfolk.

According to his parents, Kieron did not show any signs of his incredible talent until he was five years old. Till then, he was a typical toddler, whose artistic abilities extended to coloring inside the lines.

Things changed in May 2008, when the family went on a vacation to the seaside counties of Devon and Cornwall. Inspired by the beautiful scenery, the young boy requested a piece of paper and pencil and started to sketch.

While his art did not look anything extraordinary to his parents, it impressed professional artist Carol Ann Pennington so much, that she offered to teach him. Kieron really bloomed under her guidance and has since become a world-class painter.

Art critics and other artists who have seen Kieron's work, all agree, that this young boy has amazing talent, especially given his age.

The young boy remains quite unfazed by his newly found fame. He enjoys dabbling with watercolors and says that the extra pocket money he earns from the sale of his paintings doesn't hurt either.