Prank Proves That Being A Mum Is Truly The 'World's Toughest Job'!

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The listing for the 'Director of Operations' position advertised online and in national newspapers by Rehtom Inc., sounded like a really hard charging corporate job. Candidates were required to have a PhD in psychology or real-life equivalent, crisis management skills, the ability to juggle a minimum of 10-15 projects at any given time, and work unlimited number of hours per week.

Not surprisingly, after receiving over 2.7 million views, the application drew in just 24 candidates. During the interviews, which were conducted via video conference and Skype, the innocent job seekers were stunned to hear the additional demands of the job. The clincher came when the interviewer revealed that the position paid nothing!

While some just laughed in disbelief, others responded with more descriptive adjectives like 'insane' and 'inhumane'. It was only at the end of each session, that the interviewer revealed that the job he had been describing was one performed by millions of women all over the world - Mothers!

Even after realizing they had been hoaxed, the applicants did not seem to be upset, and actually smiled in agreement with the interviewer. And in case you are wondering what Rehtom stands for, it is just 'mother' spelt backwards.

The fun prank was the brainchild of Boston-based advertising agency Mullen, who were hired to come up with a Mother's Day campaign for card manufacturer, American Greetings. After mulling over several ideas, the creative team settled on this one, which was suggested by one of their writers who had just spent a weekend visiting her brother and sis-in-law and observed the demands of motherhood, firsthand!

Turns out that the applicants are not the only ones that can relate to how hard mothers work. Since the video was added to the Card store's YouTube channel about three weeks ago, over 17 million people have viewed it and the numbers are only increasing. In case you are not amongst them, take a look so that you are able to see for yourself what this always cheerful hardworking woman does for you, every single day! Oh, and don't forget to tell her how much you appreciate her not just today, but every single day!

Happy Mother's Day!

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  • unipug2
    unipug2over 2 years
    Moms have to q make us food, help with homework, do our hair...
    • potatocat88
      potatocat88almost 4 years
      This is so sweet! Helping people realize that mom's have the hardest job in the world. Thank you mom's through out the world! 💕💕💕
      • littleestella
        littleestellaover 4 years
        Pretty cool and extreme for beutiful mom's out there. :)
        • jhfjgjgover 5 years
          like all that seems a little bit extream for me i think
          • jhfjdhgfyedhgjgover 5 years
            omg i dont think i want to be a mom
            • Hannaover 6 years
              That was an interesting article and it's true too.
              • Mattover 6 years
                My mom does work hard. I should be nicer to her.
                • TJover 6 years
                  moms are really hard workers. I should do more things for my mom
                  • ballerman30
                    ballerman30over 6 years
                    This is noice
                    • lemonade11
                      lemonade11over 6 years
                      ha nice prank! that is so cool!