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A Cool Piece of Art Links London and New York City

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Want to say hello to friends, family or even strangers who live in London, England without flying over. If you live in New York City, this is now possible, thanks to the Telectroscope, a 37 by 11 ft. device that allows people to see each other across the Atlantic.

Robotic Arm Performs Brain Surgery

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Surgeons in Calgary, Canada made history this week, when they successfully removed an egg-shaped tumor from 21-year old Paige Nickason's brain, using a newly developed robotic system, called NeuroArm.

The Vegetables Of The Future?

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The Guandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences in China believes it has found a way to end World hunger - By growing super-sized vegetables. The only catch is that in order to grow these huge vegetables, the seeds have to be sent to Space for a two-week orbit around the Earth.

Rocket Man Soars Over Swiss Alps!

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Yves Rossy also known as "Fusion Man", always dreamed of soaring in the skies like a bird. On Wednesday, he fulfilled his dream by becoming the first person ever to fly at a speed of over 180 miles per hour, with nothing but a wing and four jet engines strapped to his back. 

Finally - A Solution To A Sticky Problem!

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Chewing Gum, one of the oldest known candies, has a many attributes - It helps concentration, reduces stress and if sugar-free, is good for your teeth. Best of all it tastes really good. However, if not disposed off properly after chewing, it is a big nuisance because of its stickiness!

Uncovering The Mysteries Of The Red Planet

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Is there life on Mars? Was there ever? - These are the answers that NASA hopes will be revealed by a Robotic Spacecraft dubbed Phoenix Mars Lander. The Spacecraft was launched from Florida on August 4th, 2007 and is expected to land on the Red Planet on May 25th, 2008.

Dormant Volcano Erupts in Chile

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Residents of the Chilean towns of Chaiten and Futaleufu were in for a real shock on Friday when a long-dormant volcano came to life. Nobody knows for sure when the Chaiten volcano last erupted - estimates range from 400 to over 9,000 years ago. But now that it has erupted, there seems to be no letting up.

Beauty the Bald Eagle to Receive a New Beak

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Beauty, a 7-year old bald eagle is lucky to be alive. The 15-pound eagle was found in Alaska a few years ago, with its upper beak completely destroyed by a gunshot.  Without a full beak, the poor bird was having a hard time cutting or grasping food or even drinking water.

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