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Millions of Glowing Sea Creatures Invade U.S. Pacific Coast

A massive patch or “blob” of warm water experienced along the usually cool U.S. Pacific coast from 2013 to 2016 wreaked havoc on the marine ecosystem. Fishermen in Alaska reported seeing warm water sharks, while California beachgoers encountered tropical poisonous water snakes. Though the return of cooler temperatures in 2017 rid the area of most unwanted visitors, bioluminescent pyrosomes ((Pyrosoma atlanticum) have decided to stay and are now washing up along the coast in unprecedented numbers.

Real-Life 'UP' House Soars High In California's Mojave Desert

Carl Frederickson's house flight powered by helium balloons in Pixar's Up, has inspired many people. First the balloons were used to pull a tugboat under the London Bridge then, they helped lift Jonathan Trappe across the English Channel. However, none of the adventures were even close to those experienced by Carl and Russell, until recently, when a team from National Geographic got involved.

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