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    I like how these restaurants are trying their best to make these people social distance, but did we see any of these people wearing masks? Just social distancing won't be enough, the world is falling apart, people are suffering, do we really need to go to restaurants? If people could just stay home, and go outside when needed like going grocery shopping, or actually working, doing their jobs. Please ask yourselves do we really need to go to the park? Even if we use these white circles to social distance, after the person who sits in the circle leaves, someone else will sit there, and what if someone who sat there was sick? WEAR MASKS PEOPLE, ACTUALLY SOCIAL DISTANCE, ONLY GO OUTSIDE WHEN NEEDED, AND PLEASE JUST STAY HOME NOT ONLY FOR YOURSELF BUT OTHERS AS WELL.
    8 months ago
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    Countries worldwide are gradually easing the strict lockdown restrictions imposed to curb the spread of COVID-19.  While this will allow non-essential businesses to resume opera...
    8 months ago

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