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Update on Bay Area Oil Spill

Things are looking a lot better for the residents and the birds of Northern California, twelve days after the 58,000 gallon oil spill near the Bay Bridge.

The Things We Do For Hannah Montana!

What lengths would you go through to obtain tickets to a sold-out Hannah Montana concert, besides paying $1,000 for the tickets?

Enchanted - Coming To Theatres On November 21st

Disney's "Enchanted", which comes to theatres this thanksgiving weekend is a fun mix of animation and live action.

Cyclone Sidr hits Bangladesh

Sadly this week, we had a lot of natural disasters to choose from. There was a big oil spill near Russia, a major earthquake in Chile, South America and then the cyclone Sidr (name given to the cyclone), in Bangladesh.

Need Help Cleaning Your Room? - Get A Robot!

When Mitsubishi (the company that makes the robots), was looking to hire out its Wakamaru robot earlier this year, they had no doubt it would find a job immediately. They were right, not one but ten of its Wakamaru robots were instantly employed by a temporary staffing agency in Japan.

Multiplication tricks for numbers close to 10

Last week, we brought you a fun way to learn the nines table.  This week impress your friends and teachers by learning how to multiply numbers closer to ten.

Student discovers new dinosaur species

Mike Taylor, a university student, studying for his Ph.D. (advanced academic degree) in Paleontology ( the study of prehistoric life forms), discovered an entirely new species of dinosaur while conducting research at the Natural History Museum in the United Kingdom.

You Have Seen The Sunset, Now Watch An "Earthset"

We have all seen the sunset. Now watch this fascinating video of an "Earthset"; pictures taken by Kaguya, a lunar explorer operated by Japan's Aerospace Exploration Agency.

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