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Tim Bengel's Sand Art Is Like None Other

Mention sand art and the image that comes to mind is that of an intricately carved sculpture or design sketched on a beach surface. Though impressive, they are transient masterpieces that disappear with the first large wave or splash of rain. However, 24-year-old Tim Bengel’s sand art is permanent. That’s because the German artist uses the grit to “paint” his masterpieces on canvas. While the final product is certainly stunning, what is even more so is the way it is created.

Computer Generated 'Rembrandt' Painting Unveiled in Amsterdam

A new “Rembrandt” painting unveiled in Amsterdam in early April is making headlines around the world. However, the authentic-looking masterpiece is not the work of the 17th century Dutch artist. It is a brand new painting that uses technology to mimic Rembrandt’s technique so perfectly, that it could easily be mistaken for one created by the great artist himself.

Taylor Swift - Music Diva Turned Crusader

Taylor Swift isn’t content just making headlines for selling millions of albums, scooping up countless awards, or being friends with feminists like Karlie Kloss, Lena Dunham, and Cara Delevingne. The young musician, who established herself as an international superstar with the release of her first pop album, 1989  last October, has now also become a crusader for artists’ rights.

Who Knew Corn Flakes Could Look So Good?

Artists use all kinds of mediums, ranging from snow and sand to even cups of latte, to show off their creativity. So it is not surprising to hear that New York-based photographer and illustrator Sarah Rosado, decided to pick cereal or to be more precise corn flakes, for her creations.

The World's Largest And Longest 3D Street Painting Debuts In Nanjing, China

On June 11th, 2014, world famous Chinese artist Yang Yongchun unveiled his biggest work of art yet - Dubbed 'Rythyms of Youth', the 3D street painting that received two Guinness World Record titles - for the largest and longest street painting in the world - measures an astounding 365 meters long (1,197 feet) and covers 2,600 sq.meters (27,986 sq.feet) of a path on the campus of Nanjing's Communication University of China.

Artist Creates Mobile Homes Made From Recycled Materials For Oakland's Homeless

Most artists aspire to create masterpieces that can be admired and collected by the elite few, who can afford them - not Gregory Kloehn. He focuses on art that can be lived in, by people who have no homes to call their own. The best part is, that each structure is built from recycled materials that the artist finds inside dumpsters.

Interactive Art Installation Allows Public To 'Paint' Vancouver Skies

Visitors to the 30th anniversary of the Technology, Entertainment & Design (TED) Conference in Vancouver, Canada, encountered an unusual sight - A giant public art display, suspended between the 24-story Fairmont Waterfront Hotel tower and the West Building of the Vancouver Convention Centre, where the conference was being held. Called 'Skies Painted With Unnumbered Sparks' it was a delicately flowing 'jelly-fish' like piece of art that sported subtle colors, almost blending in, with the city's beautiful blue skies - at least during the day!

Video Of The Week - The Best 'Let It Go' Parody Ever?

With Frozen's catchy song 'Let it go' winning the Oscar last night, there are bound to be numerous more parodies added to the hundreds of thousands that already exist on YouTube. However, very few will be more fun or relevant (given the recent winter storms) than the one performed on Friday, February 21st, by Bob Herzog on Cincinnati, Ohio's WKRC.