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Brush Up Your Math Skills — Pi Day Is Almost Here!

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Even if math doesn’t rank high on your list of favorite subjects, chances are you still look forward to Pi Day. That’s because though the discussions may begin with Pi — the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter — they invariably end with a piece or two of yummy pie! The event is commemorated on March 14 because though the irrational number (its decimal representation never ends and never repeats) has been calculated to over ten trillion digits, it is widely recognized as 3.14.

Not A 'Math Person?'- Don't Tell These Researchers!

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Not being a 'math person' is something that is not only asserted pretty frequently, but also, accepted very readily. According to a 2010 survey conducted by Change the Equation three out of ten Americans believe that they are 'bad' at math, while over half of 18-34 year-old's seem to have convinced themselves that they just can't tackle numbers.

Mathematician Unveils The World's Biggest Ever Prime Number Yet - And Don't Even Think Of Memorizing This One

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If you thought the world's longest word that took over three hours to say was a little lengthy, wait till you hear about this latest prime number that a US mathematician has managed to crunch up - It is, drum roll please . . .  A massive 17,425,170 digits long! To put it in perspective, if you decided to hand write it at a pace of one digit per second nonstop for 12 hours, it would take more than a year. Want to print it? Get ready to use at least 5,000 - 6,000 sheets depending on the size of the paper and font!

Scientists Learn How Bumblebees Solve Complex 'Traveling Salesman Problem' So Effortlessly

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Scientists have always known that in order to forage for nectar as efficiently as they do, the tiny bumblebee had figured out the perfect solution to what is commonly referred to as 'The Traveling Salesman Problem' - that is figuring out the shortest routes from flower to hive. While this may sound simple it is actually a complex mathematical problem given that there are hundreds of different routes - One that takes even humans, seek out the help of computers to solve!

Wish To Improve Your Math Skills? Zap Your Brain!

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Want to improve your Math skills without working hard? Simply zap the brain with a weak current of electricity and voila, all your (math) problems will be solved! At least that's the claim being made by a team of British scientists from London's Oxford University.

Learn Math - Beat A Traffic Ticket!

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You have probably heard of several reasons why knowing your math is soooo important - It can help you manage your money, make you a better athlete, etc. etc. Here is one you haven't heard before - It can help you beat a traffic ticket!

Video Of The Week - Learn To Multiply By Nines In Five Minutes

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if you are looking to impress your friends or math teacher look no further - You will be able to master how to multiply by nines in a mere five minutes. All you have to do is watch the video!

World Math Day - The Countdown Has Begun!

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It's time to sharpen your pencils or in this case keyboard skills and get ready for World Math Day, the annual math competition, where kids from all across the globe compete with each other, for the coveted title of World Math Champion.

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