Kids News - Articles for Grades 6-8

Watch Out! It's April Fool's Day

While April 1st, better known as April Fool's Day, is technically not a holiday, it is a favorite especially for people who like to pull pranks. While the origin of this tradition is a little sketchy, some believe that the light-hearted fun began in 1582, when the Julian calendar (which began the New Year in April), was replaced with today's Gregorian calendar. Others think it was to mark the change of seasons. No matter what its origins, the day can be a lot of fun!

The Biggest Solar Storm To Hit Earth In Five Years, Passes Without Incident

On Thursday, March 8th, scientists from all over the world watched with abated breath, as a powerful solar storm hit earth. While the first day proved to be quite benign, the intensity of the solar flares increased dramatically into early Friday.

A School With No Classrooms Or Grades? Sweet!

Though teaching techniques have come a long way, the mode of communicating them remains pretty much the same since the concept of school was invented - Students with varying calibers and interests are forced into a classroom, where they spend the day learning from a pre-determined curriculum. Now, a European country is trying to change that by building radical schools that have no classrooms, no preset subject lessons and best of all, no grades!

Chinese 'Cat-Boy' Has Built-In Night Vision

The ability to see clearly when it is pitch dark is possessed only by animals, heroic mutants like the X-Men and if experts are to be trusted . . . . A young boy who lives in a remote Chinese village!

Costa Concordia - The Modern Day Titanic Disaster

On January 13th, just two hours after luxury cruise liner Costa Concordia left the Italian port of for , the final destination of its seven-day journey, it struck a rock in the Tyrrhenian Sea off the shore of the . The impact created a 160-foot long gash in her hull, causing water to gush in at an alarming speed.

Graveyard Of Pre-Historic Whales Unearthed In World's Driest Desert

How did more than 80 whales, many of them the size of buses get trapped within yards of each other, in a corner of Chile's Atacama AKA the world's driest desert? That is the question on the mind of every scientist embarking on the investigation of what is being touted as the discovery of the world's biggest and best-preserved graveyard of pre-historic whales, believed to be between 2 million to 7 million years old.

Video Of The Week - Antelope Takes Out Racing Cyclist

17-year-old mountain biker Evan van der Spuy was zooming across the wilderness near Pietermaritzburg the capital and second largest city of Kwa-Zulu Natal, when he was suddenly knocked off his bike - By an equally fast Red Hartebeest, a species of antelope native to South Africa.

Boo Mania Sweeps Over America (And The World)!

Who has the world's chicest hairstyle, over 2 million Facebook fans, a best-selling book and, is a favorite among celebrities? No its not Justin Bieber, but a five year old Pomeranian called Boo, A.K.A. the World's Cutest Dog!