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    The remains of German World War II steamer Karlsruhe, found in the seabed off the coast of Poland by Baltictech divers in late September 2020, may house more than the typical Na...
    8 days ago
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    I am starting a 40 book reading challenge....can you guys recommend some books for middle schoolers?
    13 days ago
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    Advice! 1) Make yourself known to the teacher by excelling in academics, if possible, this will also help you gain new friends! 2) If you are not going back in person, and even if you do, make sure to take screen breaks to read or rest your eyes! 3) Don't lose track of any assignments and write all in a binder. 4) Preview any lesson pages or what you are going to study before you go into any class. *** I don't homeschool but, these are just some tips!
    13 days ago
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    Hello, I am @applemango! I haven't checked in recently :( I finally found the time to catch up with all, how are you guys doing? Q: How are you going to celebrate Halloween?
    13 days ago
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    13 days ago
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    I totally agree!!!! The cliff hanger was breathtaking, what happened to the whole #fitzphie thing? IT WAS SO GOOD!
    13 days ago
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    2) I'm a vegetarian? ^^
    13 days ago
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    Emma by Jane Austen is a story full of fallacies. Misunderstandings occur causing tortuous relationships and weeping. The story is about Emma, a resident at Highbury who has high status because of her wealth and beauty. Making the match between Miss Taylor, her governess, and Mr. Weston, Emma thinks it proves her an adequate person for matchmaking. Emma soon after finds it as her duty to get her friend Harriet Smith a partner. Harriet is fond of Mr. Robert Martin, a respectable farmer. However, when Mr. Martin proposes to Harriet, Emma strongly disapproves. Instead, Emma seeks out Mr. Elton. This plan goes chaotically awry when Mr. Elton declares his love for Emma. Emma is shocked, realizing that his words are sugar-coated only to win over her fortune. Devastated, Emma puts down her matchmaking hopes, however, not entirely giving upon them. On the acquaintance with Mr. Frank Churchill, Emma thinks him to be a reputable gentleman. Emma doesn’t succeed in her predictions and comes across her true fate which holds many joyous laughs and twisted turns.
    13 days ago
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    Hey guys! I have some questions; 1) Whats your fave color? 2) National Geographic or Summer reading book club? 3) Girly-girl (Or boy-boy) Or Tom boy? (Or Tom Girl for the boys) 4) Whats your fave season? 5) Whats your fave food? 6) Fave weird food combo? (If yes say what it is. And thanks Honeybadger1313 for having the weird food combo question in your comment) 7) Whats your favorite drink? 8) Do you have Tik Tok? 9) Do you dance? (If yes, whats your favorite dance?) 10) Are you doing at home school or in school? My answers: 1) Blues. 2) National Geographic! 3) Tomboy and girly girl. Its a mix! 4) Summer! 5) Chili dogs! 6) Cookies and orange juice! 7) Lemonade 8) Yes-ish. 9) Yes I do dance! And my dance move is like a jump-spin move. 10) At home school but might go back in-person! Have a good week guys!
    14 days ago

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