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French Chocolate maker displays some unusual wares

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A French chocolate maker displayed some very unusual "chocolates" during the recent opening of its shop in Hong Kong.  A lot of the "ornaments" had never been displayed to the public prior to this.

Spiderman does it again!

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Late last year we told you about Alain Roberts - "The Real Spiderman". After being quiet for about six months, he has emerged again, this time in Sao Paolo, Brazil, where he was seen climbing one of the tallest buildings in the city - the 495 ft tall Edificio Italia - with his bare hands.

Whiplash - The Cowboy Monkey!

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He is a 21-year old international star who travels the country herding sheep and riding on his "horse" - a border collie dog at rodeos and fairs. Meet Whiplash, a swash-buckling capuchin monkey, who has won thousands of hearts all over the world with his rodeo skills, and is about to win yours.


Happy Leap Day!

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February 29th, also known as leap day is a special date.  It appears on our calendars once every four years in what is known as a "Leap Year", when the year ends with 366 days instead of the normal 365. Leap years were created to balance out the differences between our calendar and the solar calendar.

A New Way To Learn About The Solar System

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"My Very Exciting Magic Carpet Just Sailed Under Nine Palace Elephants” - This is not the title of a new fiction story, but rather a mnemonic (helps you remember), created by 4th-Grader Maryn Smith, winner of the National Geographic "Planet Contest".

World's Largest Swimming Pool

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There are swimming pools and then there is this swimming pool at the San Alfonso del Mar resort at Algarroba, on Chile's Southern Coast. The size of 6,000 standard pools combined, it has been deemed as the largest pool in the world by Guinness World Records.


German Police Dogs To Wear Shoes

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Police dogs in the city of Duesseldorf, in Western Germany will have to learn how to put on their shoes, as the entire team of twenty German and Belgian Shepherds will be soon be equipped with shoes on all their four paws.

The 2008 New York Toy Fair

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From February 17- February 20th, New York City was home to the 2008 Toy Fair, the largest international toy trade show in the Western Hemisphere.  It is here that the manufactures reveal their latest and hottest products for children.

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