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Elephant Artists

Who would have known that the elephant, one of the world's largest and most powerful animals, would also have the dexterity (agility) to hold a paintbrush and paint? It turns out that most elephants have an innate ability to draw and often doodle on the floor with a stick or pebble.  A little fine-tuning of these skills has resulted in amazing paintings, which are sold to help conservation of elephants.

Frogs With No Lungs Discovered in Borneo

This funny looking frog found recently in the Indonesian section of Borneo has scientists very excited. Besides being a very rare breed, it also has no lungs!

World Photography Competition

The inaugural World Photography Awards competition sponsored by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. is currently underway. The competition whose to aim is recognize the world's best photographers, both amateurs and professionals, attracted entries from over 25,000 amateurs and over 44,000 professionals.

Gigantes do Norte - Brazil's New Soccer Giants!

Brazil's newest soccer team is known as the "Gigantes do Norte", which means "Giants of the North". Yet the average height of the 18-person team is no more than 4ft, with the shortest at 3ft 3inches and the tallest at 4ft 7 inches.  Meet the world's first all dwarf-only soccer team.

Seven marathons on seven continents in seven days

Seven marathons on seven continents in seven days - sounds like an impossible task for anybody and especially hard for a blind person. However, that did not deter 50-year old Dave Heeley or Blind Dave as he calls himself, from West Bromwich, England.

Global warming causes lakes to disappear in Chile

On April 10th, Lake Cachet II Chile, S.America, dried up overnight.  Scientists believe that the whole "disappearing" phenomenon is due to global warming.

Birdsongs - The Next Big Thing in Music!

Ah to wake up to the sound of chirping birds - the low soft "chook" and the frequent "pink pink pink of the Blackbird, the cooing of the Pigeons, or even better - the loud "hweet" of the Nightingale. All these sounds evoke visions of a faraway tropical paradise Island don't they?

Baby with Two Faces Hailed as a Goddess

One month old Lali is already a very special child. Born with two faces, she has four sets of eyes, two noses and two mouths. In scientific terms her condition is called "craniofacial duplication".  However, in rural India where she was born, she is a miracle - the reincarnation (re-birth) of a Hindu Goddess known as Durga.

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