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Airbus Lands On Glacial Runway In Antarctica

On December 12th, a passenger jet made history by landing on a new 'blue ice' runway, in Australia's Antarctic territory. The 2.5 miles long, 700 meters thick track is tricky not just because of the ice, but also because it shifts about 12 meters southwest annually, thanks to the natural underlying movement of the glaciers.

World's Greenest Boat Also Aims To Be The Fastest

Shaped like an alien from outer space, Earthrace has been built to break the official 'Round the World Speed Record by a Powerboat'. The current record is about 75 days, Earthrace is hoping to do it in 65 days. However, unlike the other speedboat, Earthrace will do it using only 100% Biodiesel fuel.

Girls Rock In 'Superbowl of Science'

Dubbed as the 'Superbowl of Science', the Siemens competition in Math, Science and Technology, is one of North America's most coveted and prestigious student science competitions. This year, for the first time in the competition's nine-year history, girls took first prizes in all the top categories.

Skateboarding Anyone?

Skateboarding is finally getting the respect it deserves. What used to be considered a dangerous and reckless hobby is now being accepted as a mainstream sport. The momentum has become so positive, that there is a strong possibility of skateboarding being included as an official sport in the 2012 Olympics in London.

Toyota's Robots Can Do Almost Anything

They guide visitors, chat with clients, play the violin, clean homes and even ferry patients around in a hospital. Meet Toyota's new breed of robots, which are expected to go mainstream, as early as 2010.

It's The Season . . .

Europe's tallest Christmas tree lit up the skies in Porto, Portugal, amongst a stunning fireworks display. Thousands of people came to witness the lighting of this amazing tree, which is 76 meters (about 230 feet) high and illuminated with over three million lights.

First Map To Name America Accurately, Now On Display

The last remaining copy of a 500-year-old map of the world that first named America accurately is going on display at the Library of Congress, in Washington D.C., starting December 13th.

Happy Hanukkah!

Hanukkah - the festival of lights, is celebrated on the 25th day of the month of Kislev, which is based on the Jewish calendar. This year, the festival began at sunset on December 4th.

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