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Thousands of Pikachus Take Over Japanese Streets

For the past four years, the Minato Mirai district of Yokohama, Japan, has been bringing Pokémon’s most famous character to life with a Pikachu Outbreak Festival. The event, which features numerous fun activities, including colorful parades with thousands of people dressed in Pikachu costumes, began in 2014 to promote an upcoming Pokémon movie. It was such a success that its sponsors, The Pokémon Company, decided to make it an annual, week-long extravaganza.

Video of the Week - Happiness Arcade Makes Recycling Fun

Beverage manufacturer Coca Cola sure likes to keep their fans happy. In 2012, they delighted the students at the University of Singapore with a soda machine that dispensed drinks in exchange for hugs. Now, they are doing the same for the people of Bangladesh with this gaming arcade that shuns cash in favor of empty coke bottles.

Scientists Reveal A Failproof Strategy To Win Rock-Paper-Scissors

If you have ever had to decide on an outcome with a friend, chances are you have done it by playing rock-paper-scissors, the fun hand game where players simultaneously form one of the three shapes with an outstretched hand. Like most people, you probably thought that the game is designed for a random outcome, one in which neither player has an advantage. Turns out you were wrong. According to scientists from China's Zhejiang University, there is a method to this madness - one that can be easily mastered so that you never lose a rock-paper-scissors duel again.

Classcraft Makes Learning Fun By 'Gamifying' The Classroom

Online gaming has made the world much more exciting almost everywhere except in the classroom. While we now have access to computers and even tablets that feature all kinds of educational games, teachers still use old-fashioned incentives to encourage students. Sure you can get some extra credit by spending copious amounts of time doing challenging problems, but it's not fun and more importantly, cannot be achieved by students that find the subject challenging.

Video Of The Week - Titus, The Basketball Whiz Kid Is Back!

Earlier this year, two-year old Titus stunned the world with his basketball skills. The young Kansas tot is back and this time with two friends - Hollywood Megastars Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper, in tow.

Video of the Week - World Record For Super-Sized Pong Played On Philadelphia Skyscraper

Playing video games on a handheld console is fun, but wouldn't it be even more so on the wall of a giant 29-story skyscraper with thousands of people joining in? That's exactly what Drexel University's Professor Frank Lee had in mind when he organized 'The Grandest Game of Pong on the Planet' to kick off Philadelphia's tech week, earlier this year.

Food Practice Shooter Aspires To Train Kids To Love Vegetables

The fact that kids love to play games is obvious. But do they love them enough to be convinced to not only eat, but also, enjoy 'yucky' vegetables like carrots, broccoli, tomatoes and even . . . green pepper? That is what Takayuki Kosaka, an assistant Professor at Japan's Kanagawa Institute for Technology is hoping to achieve with a new gaming console that he calls Food Practice Shooter!

Caine's Cardboard Arcade May Be Closed But Its Legacy Lives On

In summer of 2011, nine-year old Caine Monroy was twiddling his thumbs at his father's auto parts shop in Los Angeles, wondering what to do over the long summer break, when he suddenly hit upon a brilliant idea - Why not build a gaming arcade?