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Video Of The Week - A Bird's Eye View Of Earth From Space

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One of the coolest things about orbiting around the Earth in the International Space Station must be the magnificent view, which changes almost every second. Now, thanks to sophisticated cameras these have been captured and compiled into a stunning time-lapse video for those of us not fortunate or old enough, to be astronauts.

Space Shuttle Discovery Hitches A Ride To Washington D.C.

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On April 17th, NASA's oldest surviving and hardest working Space Shuttle, Discovery took off one last time from Florida's Kennedy Space Center. However, this was not a typical launch off into Space, but a rather tame flight piggybacked above a modified NASA 747 to the retired Shuttle's final resting place at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Virginia.

Earth's Close Encounter With A Giant Asteroid Happens Tonight!

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The last few months have been quite exciting for Space scientists. First there were the two free falling satellites and now there is a giant asteroid that is making its way towards earth

Mock Mission To Mars Is A Success

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On June 3rd 2010, six brave astronauts bid adieu to their family and friends and launched off to Mars - This of course was not an actual mission to the Red Planet, but a simulated journey that entailed confining them inside a sealed five-capsule 1000sq.ft. unit, for 520 days.

Mercury - More Than A Dead Rock Revolving Around The Sun!

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Mercury, the smallest and innermost of all planets has always been thought to be rather dull, one where no evolution takes place. Besides the fact that it has no atmosphere and a strong iron core, It's most exciting feature was the narrow ridges that scientists believed evolved millions of years ago, when the planet was first formed - Now it turns out, there may be more to this tiny mysterious planet, than meets the eye.

Phew! We Dodged Another Falling Satellite!

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The threat of dead satellites freefalling from Space seems to have become a regular event these days. A month ago, it was American satellite UARS. Last weekend, we were all waiting to see where German satellite ROSAT would end up - Turns out that it too landed, without causing any casualties.

More Satellite Debris Freefalling To Earth This Weekend

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About three weeks ago, we all awaited with abated breath as American satellite UARS hurtled back to earth - Fortunately, it crashed in such a remote area that it took the scientists three days to locate the debris. Now, another satellite is making its way back and once again, scientists have no clue where the debris will end up!

Water On Mars?

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Ever since the beginning of time, people have known that planet Earth has plenty of water, but find running water in other planets has been a little elusive - Until now! On August 5th, NASA scientists revealed that they had found dozens of dark streaks on the surface of Mars that they believe are a result of running water.

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