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    Hey guys!! I’ve got another book fact for this week! Here it is: There is an actual work for loving the smell of old books, it’s called Bibliosmia! Happy reading everyone! Like and follow please! Bye! ;)
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    Artemis Fowl is what you wouldn't expect a 12-year old to be. Most unexpectedly, he is a criminal mastermind. After his father spent most of the family's fortune on a job that didn't turn out how he wanted, Artemis takes it upon himself to restore the money. Step 1 of his plan is to steal gold from fairies and leprechaun. That's right, fairies and leprechauns. According to his research, they can vibrate at high speeds, making them invisible to the naked eye. He has an intriguing plan to find this gold. With the help of Butler they may be unstoppable to Holly and team LEP (who are the mystical creatures). This book is written from the antagonists point of view. You may find yourself rooting for Artemis. I enjoyed how the book was written differently. Since Butler is a trained bodyguard, I enjoyed one of his fight scenes a lot. He is being attacked as part of a diversion. However, he knows he can easily take out the attackers, but instead he says that it wouldn't be a workout. Though I enjoyed it, I felt it was slow for me, since everything is described deeply. Still you should try this book.
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    Artemis Fowl is a 12-year-old genius/mastermind/criminal. Also the seeming villain of the story... Anyway, that’s for you to judge. Artemis is after the Fairy gold, which many people have died in the past trying to get. It is protected by the Fairy’s Book prophecy, which Artemis has to decode (there’s actually a really cool code running along the bottom of the pages that’s fun to decode! I suggest you try it!). Artemis concludes that the best way to get his hands on the Fairies and their gold is he has to bring them right to him, by capturing a Fairy and holding him ransom! In this case, the Fairy was a girl, the only girl working for the prestigious LEPrecon team. Yes, yes, humans have always thought they were leprechauns, but really they were less fantastic rescue teams. Holly Short is her name, and she is one of the toughest, funniest characters in the book, my personal favorite. She gets kidnapped and held at the Fowl Mansion until the rest of the Fairies make a spectacular plan to save her. But Artemis Fowl seems to predict their every move... who will survive, with gold or without? This book was a unique read, because the plot was untraditional and unexpected. Who was the villain? Who was the hero? The perspectives change throughout the book, which kind of confused me but was exciting as well. At some times it was hard to get through because the chapter would be boring and slow, but for the most part it was interesting and I enjoyed it. I recommend this book to ages 9+, and rate it 3/5 stars!
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    Artemis fowl is a twelve-year-old genius he is also a millionaire and a criminal mastermind (which is awesome! Not the criminal part the millionaire part haha). But even a genius like Artemis doesn't know what to do when he kidnaps Captain Holly Short who just so happens to be a fairy of the LEPrecon unit.. These aren't your run of the mill faries like tinker bell these varies can be dangerous!! Good book, recommended for 6-8 graders. Thanks for reading -Ajg15's Reviews
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    This book is the first in a huge series about, well, Artemis fowl. Artemis fowl is a extremely rich and extremely smart 12 year old boy. He uses both of these skills as he and his trusty butler (that’s his name and job) enbark on a quest to discover the fairy world. They meat holly, the only female officer in the fairy police force. Guess what, they decide to kidnap her, this sets off a whole battle between the fairies and Artemis. Artemis fowl is such a hard character to love, him being to overconfident. Yet, this book was so well written, I actually liked it.
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