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A human calculator

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Alexis Lemaire is a member of an elite group of people known as "human calculators"- people who can perform amazing mathematical feats without the use of a calculator.

Happy Year of the Rat - from Japan

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While people in China will not start celebrating the "Year of the Rat" until February 8th, the Japanese have started with - yes you guessed it ........A Rat Race!

Fashion Show In Japan (For Dogs)

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Thousands of dog lovers gathered at a fashion show in Tokyo, Japan this weekend, to watch designers strut their latest collection for..........yes dogs.  Dogs of different breeds paraded on a real runway, wearing demi-couture (kind of like designer, just a little cheaper) and avant-garde (really modern) collections designed especially for this event.

Oh To Be Able To Fly (And Land) Like A Bird!

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Jeb Corliss is a man on a mission - he wants to fly like a bird and land like one too - that is without a parachute.  Why? - because no one has ever done it before and he believes he can.

One man's quest to save the coral reef

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Ken Nedimyer has spent more than 30 years swimming among acres of beautiful coral off the Florida Keys in the US. However, over the years he has noticed the coral dwindling and in some cases disappearing all together.

One Giant Bubble Bath!

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It was every kids dream come true - a humongous 30 miles long bubble bath to frolic in! - This is exactly what happened on a coastline in New South Wales earlier this month. What was once the Pacific Ocean, turned into waves of foam, engulfing the entire beach and half the buildings nearby.

CES show in Las Vegas - Where all the fun begins!

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Last week Las Vegas, Nevada was home to one of the world's biggest and coolest trade shows - The annual Consumer Electronics (CES) show, where companies introduce all sorts of fun electronic toys and gadgets.

Monte Carlo's International Circus Festival

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The Monte Carlo International Circus Festival is the most prestigious circus events in the world.  Every year, the best circus acts from around the globe compete against each other to try win a Gold, Silver or Bronze Clown Award.  Held annually in mid-January, the festival was started in 1974, by Prince Rainier III, the ruler of Monaco.

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