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Global warming causes lakes to disappear in Chile

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On April 10th, Lake Cachet II Chile, S.America, dried up overnight.  Scientists believe that the whole "disappearing" phenomenon is due to global warming.

Birdsongs - The Next Big Thing in Music!

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Ah to wake up to the sound of chirping birds - the low soft "chook" and the frequent "pink pink pink of the Blackbird, the cooing of the Pigeons, or even better - the loud "hweet" of the Nightingale. All these sounds evoke visions of a faraway tropical paradise Island don't they?

Baby with Two Faces Hailed as a Goddess

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One month old Lali is already a very special child. Born with two faces, she has four sets of eyes, two noses and two mouths. In scientific terms her condition is called "craniofacial duplication".  However, in rural India where she was born, she is a miracle - the reincarnation (re-birth) of a Hindu Goddess known as Durga.

Will Earth vaporize in 7.6 billion years?

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Will the heat from the sun vaporize the earth in the 7.6 billion years?  That is the dire prediction of two Astronomers from the Univesity of Sussex - unless we do something about it.

Coming Soon - The World's Biggest Butterfly House

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The United Kingdom will soon be home to the world's largest butterfly house. When ready in March 2011, the $50 million U.S. Dollar project is expected to showcase over 10,000 butterflies and 250 different species.

Hawaii's Kilauea volcano provides a feast for the eyes

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The Islands of Hawaii, USA usually associated with beautiful serene beaches is also home to another amazing attraction - active volcanoes. And right now one of its youngest volcanoes, Kilauea is spewing out some spectacular lava on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Ace That Long Division Test!

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In previous issues of DOGONews,we have brought you fun and easy to learn multiplication tricks from Now here's a fun and easy way to solve long division less than six seconds of course! You are sure to impress your teachers and friends.

This Fifth-Grader Was Definitely Paying Attention in Class

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Eleven-year old Kevin Stufflebeam, a fifth grader from Allegan, Michigan sure knows his historical facts. In fact, he knows them so well that he recently corrected an 18-year old mistake at the Smithsonian Institutional's Museum of Natural History in Washington.

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