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French Artist And Designer Creates Elegant Graffiti Art Using Water And LED Lights

Beauty, especially when it relates to graffiti art, lies in the eyes of the beholder - Some love it and see it as an expression of creativity, while others, especially those that have to clean up the mess off their garage doors or walls think it is an an eyesore. However, even the biggest critics of this art form cannot find fault with this graffiti board that uses just LED lights and water!

Copenhagen's Unusual Solution For Graffiti-Covered Building

Copenhagen, Denmark's capital and largest city not only consistently makes the list for its amazing quality of life, but also, for being one of the world's most environmentally friendly cities, dotted with lots of open spaces and parks. However, just as in any urban area, the city has its shares of vandals - In this case graffiti artists. One particular eyesore, was the children's playground pavilion located in the city's Central park.

Graffiti Knitting - Art Or Eyesore? You Decide

Mention the word 'graffiti' and images of random scribbles painted or scrawled on fences, bridges and buildings is the first thing that comes to mind. However, graffiti knitting that is currently taking over cities worldwide, is being touted as a carefully orchestrated craft that enhances the public property it is wrapped around.

British Artist Banksy's Painting Self-Destructs Minutes After Being Auctioned For $1.4 Million

The sale of a Banksy painting for $1.4 million, the highest-ever paid for the British street artist’s solo work, was the perfect finale for Sotheby’s “Frieze Week” evening contemporary art auction on October 5, 2018. But before the auctioneers had time to celebrate, an alarm sounded and then, to everyone’s dismay, the artwork began to self-shred while sliding down the frame.

Mcity: A Town Built Just for Cars

At first sight, Mcity near Ann Arbor, Michigan looks just like any other U.S. town or city. However, look closer and you will notice that the buildings are merely facades and the sidewalks, eerily empty. In fact, the only things you will encounter are cars zipping around, many with no humans at the helm. Welcome to the world's first car city - a 32-acre vehicle haven created by the University of Michigan to test new automotive technology.

Artist Sculpts Underwater Sanctuaries For Marine Life

At first glance, Jason deCaires Taylor's sculptures seem quite ordinary - After all any artist worth his/her salt can carve out figures, cars and even design suburban looking homes. However, look closer and you will realize that all these have been carefully crafted not just for humans to admire, but for marine life to thrive in.

The 10-Year Old Picasso Of Street Art

For most part, elementary school student Solveig, is just like any other 10-year old. She loves to play with barbies, ride her bike, collect Doctor Who cards and paint. However, unlike other kids her age, she doesn't paint on a piece of paper or even a canvas - she paints on street walls!

Eight-Ton BumbleBee Greets Fans At World's First Cybertron Conference In Shangai

From July 30th to August 3rd, Tranformer lovers are gathered in Shanghai for the first official fan convention - the Transformers Cybertron Con. Sponsored by the toy's manufacturer Hasbro, the event, which features toys, books, movies and other related products, is believed to be one of the largest Transformer-related conventions ever.

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