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Shanghai Creates Chocolate Wonderland

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On Friday December 16th, China opened the doors of a theme park that would have made Willy Wonka jealous! That's because inside Shanghai's World Chocolate Wonderland, everything ranging from the BMW to the sushi, is made out of chocolate!

Coming Soon - A 3D Chocolate Printer

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Thanks to some budding scientists from the UK, chocoholics all over the world, will soon have something to cheer about - Personalized 3-Dimensional Chocolate! What's even cooler is that this custom chocolate is not hand-crafted, but printed, using their special chocolate printer.

Decoding The Secret Behind Succulent Treats

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Ever wondered why some strawberries are super sweet, while others not so much or why some chocolates taste creamier than others? It's all to do with the same thing that makes each human being different - the genes. Now, scientists believe they have unlocked the code that will take them one step closer to even more delicious versions of not only these two treats, but others as well.

Experience The World Of Willy Wonka, Beijing Style!

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Beginning today, visitors to Beijing, China will be allowed to enter a magical world - one where every nook and cranny is emitting the sweet smell of chocolate. Welcome to Beijing's Chocolate Wonderland!

Video Of The Week - Got Hot Chocolate?

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Warning! This Video is going to make you drool! This giant mug filled with 487 gallons of hot chocolate and topped with hundreds of marshmallows, was heated to a perfect temperature of 120 degrees Celsius and placed in Bryant Park, New York.

Video(s) Of The Week - Unleash the "Goo"

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The Cadbury Chocolate Company in New Zealand hosts an annual competition entitled 'Unleash the Goo'. The rules of the contest are simple. Contestants have to purchase one or more Cadbury Creme Eggs, pick a fun way to unleash its 'goo' and film it.

Chocolate Architecture Fit For Royalty

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How would you like to have a replica of your house or castle in the country - made entirely from fine Belgian chocolate! Well now its possible thanks to a company called 'Chocolate on Chocolate', founded five years ago by a British father-daughter team.

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