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Italian Chefs Break Yet Another Guinness World Record For World's Longest Pizza

About a year ago, on June 21, 2015, 80 of Italy’s finest chefs delighted visitors at the Expo Milan with a slice of the world’s longest pizza — A 1.59545 meter-long (about a mile) pie that they spent 18-hours crafting. On May 19, 2016, 250 masters of traditional Neapolitan pizza from across the world gathered at the beautiful bay along the Caracciolo seafront in Naples and outdid their achievement with a delicious pie that measured an impressive 1,853.88 meters or about 1.15 miles, long.

Salads Disguised As Cakes Are A Hit In Japan

Residents of Nagoya, Japan will no longer have to subject themselves to eating wilted lettuce and soggy tomatoes to be healthy. They can instead fulfill the daily recommended requirement of fruits and vegetables with a slice or two of one of the delicious cakes crafted by Japanese food artist, Mitsuki Moriyasu.

France Becomes The First Country In The World To Ban Supermarket Food Waste

On January 13, 2016, France became the first country in the world to pass a law requiring supermarkets to donate food that is approaching its expiration date instead of throwing it away. The regulation that applies to supermarkets over 4,000 square feet requires stores to sign donation contracts with local food banks.

Video Of The Week — Rainbow Bagels Anyone?

The fact that New York bagels are delicious is undisputed. After all, who can argue with the incredible taste of the freshly-made hand-rolled delights that are available at the city's numerous bakeries. So how does one improve something that is already perfect? By adding a splash of color or in the case of The Bagel Store, multiple colors.

'Dinner in the Sky' Takes Gourmet Dining To A Whole New Level

Two Belgian men have come up with a way to take fine dining to a whole new level - Literally! Diners at their pop-up and franchised restaurants enjoy gourmet meals perched upon floating platforms suspended 180-feet above ground with the help of a giant crane!

Nemo's Garden Takes Farming To The Next Frontier - Underwater!

An agricultural experiment called Nemo's Garden is taking farming to a new level - about 20-feet below the ocean's surface! The endeavor is the brainchild of Italian entrepreneur and scuba diving enthusiast Sergio Gamberini who wanted to combine his passion for diving and farming to create a sustainable food source without disturbing the underwater ecosystem.

How A Single Fridge Is Helping Curb Food Waste In Spain

Food waste is a growing concern. According to a recent report by the United Nations Environmental Programme, consumers in industrialized countries waste as much as 222 million tons of food annually. To put it in perspective, that is almost equivalent to the net food production of sub-Saharan Africa. Now the residents of the small Spanish town of Galdakao have devised a simple solution to help reverse the trend - a community refrigerator!

Go Ahead And Indulge - It's National Ice Cream Month!

Love ice cream? Then you are going to be pleased to hear that July is National Ice Cream month. The month-long homage to everyone's favorite dessert is not a ploy by corporations to sell more ice cream, but one put into effect by President Ronald Reagan.