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    I finally got around to read this book! It's a beautiful story and it's totally original. There's many surprises in this book, most being totally unpredictable which gives the story a nice edge. This story is told from the perspective of 3 major characters. Alice, Millie, and Jeremy. My favorite character by far in this story was Millie. Millie has big dreams—like singing. Unfortunately though, her fearful and strict tribe forbids Millie to go out into the "No-Fur" world in fear that the "No-Furs" will hunt down the Yares (aka bigfoots)! But eventually, Millie's curiosity and courage gets the best of her and she attempts to audition for The Next Stage, a talent show. Millie faces challenges to achieve her dream, with the help of someone you might not expect! Alice has always struggled with her self-esteem and making friends. Alice eventually comes to the conclusion that she MUST be half Bigfoot. So Alice embarks on a quest with Jeremy and Jo to find out if there's more than meets the eye. Was Alice adopted? Why doesn't Alice have any fur? And most importantly, WHY is Mrs. Merriweather working for the Department of Offical Inquiry? Overall, Alice was a great character, unfortunately for me she became flat and boring after she figured she "lost" her best friend, Millie, to her nemesis. It was just constant "woe is me" and got annoying after awhile. Jeremy, if you've read the first book, is super interested in bigfoots. He works with Jo to help prove to the public if bigfoots are real. Jeremy's massive discovery concluded that Alice is NOT human. This is a major part in the Series, since it kickstarts the story. Jeremy, Alice, and Jo constantly stumble upon clues. But one day, Jeremy meets a strange man who works for the Department of Offical Inquiry who is interested in bigfoots. Jeremy becomes rightfully suspicious, but nevertheless works with the man and tries to lie to him to keep the DOI off Alice's tracks. To wrap up this insanely long review, I would give the story 4.5/5 stars. I loved the majority of the book, and I hope the author will continue the trilogy. However, I felt like the author was sometimes making fun of slender woman, saying they're too weak (the author has struggled w/ herself so I figured she was projecting her opinions into the story). I also felt like Alice was way overdone. The author also tried to convey a message that I felt was unnecessary. But maybe you'll see past this and give this wonderful book a try. :)
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    What happens if it rains on June 11th though?
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    Astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) are always thrilled to welcome new crew members to the orbiting laboratory. However, the May 31, 2020, arrival of NASA as...
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    If you are looking for an excuse to indulge in a donut or two, here is a perfect one.  Friday, June 5, 2020, is National Donut Day, which means it is your civic duty to devour o...
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